Anneberg - Ormaryds Railway (AOJ)

Match factory in the forest of Småland got rail, reached export markets

The Anneberg-Ormaryd Railway opened for traffic in 1909 and was closed down in 1934. It was built to provide transport between the match factory in Småland’s Anneberg and Ormaryd station on the standard gauge railway some 7 km away. Thus it was nicknamed “the match train”. Aspen logs were regularly imported, and Anneberg´s matches were supplied to many countries, packed in large boxes. The factory was located in a deep forest since local water power was there, and for a long time horse and carriage was its only means of transport. Once the railway was built, transports became much more convenient and less costly. Passenger traffic was always marginal, and the line only had two halts. Midsummer's eve saw the only exception - a passenger special for the local teetotallers´ celebration. Most of AOJ’s rolling stock was bought second hand from HRRJ in Helsingborg, after that railway had been rebuilt to a standard gauge tramway. However, engine no. 3 was bought new in 1920 and was the largest engine of all on our Swedish 600 mm railways.