On ÖSlJ. With us you can take an historical journey with an authentic steamtrain which is approximetly 100 years of age. The ride will take you between Mariefred (Gripsholms Castle), via Läggesta to Taxinge. You can reach us easely with both car or by train, we are connected to the state railway in Läggesta.

Trafficdays 2018:
Mariefred-Läggesta: Sat, Sundays and other holidays 10/5-15/9 , 22 and 29/9  including Wednesdays 27/6 - 22/8, tues- and thursay 7 and 9/8. Daily trafik 7/7-5/8. 
Mariefred-Taxinge: Sat, Sundays and other holidays 9/6-8/9 including Wedsdays 27/6-22/8
Events/special timetable:
 19/5 ÖSlJ 50 years in Mariefred, 2/6 Ångans Dag (Full Steam Day), 16/6  "Magical day", 29/9 Museibanans Dag (The yearly "Grand Final")

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Spend a whole day on the railway or combine it with surrounding sights in the nearby area. There are two popular roundtrips, Slott & Ånga (The short roundtrip) between Mariefred and Taxinge and then there is the Mariefredsroundtrip between Stockholm and Mariefred. In connection to our station in Mariefred there is a Café & shop and a railwayhistoric showcase in connection to it. Timetabels, prices and other info you can find through the menus.

Our rollingstock; including some of our engines, have once upon a time served on seven railway companies with 600 mm guage, that had regular passenger trafik. These have been carefully renovated by hard working volentary members in the railway society Östra Södermanlands Järnväg.

Map overlooking Östra Södermanlands Järnväg   ♦   Click on the map to enlarge!
The steamboat Mariefreds route between Mariefred and Taxinge is marked on the map.