This is Östra Södermanlands Järnväg (ÖSlJ)

The Society is a voluntary society, dedicated to collect and preserve engines and wagons from the countries smallest railways, those with only 600 mm guage, and to show them in active traffic service. You have the possibility of becoming a member, eather active or just supporting.

The Guage, 600 mm’s, is the most narrow used for commen passenger- and freighttrafik.
In Sweden there have been seven railway companies that have used this guage for commen traffic. They were built between 1891 and 1909. The rollingstock and other materials from these small railways represent an older railway technology then those with a wider guage, because they were laid down early, most of them during the 1930’s. Fortunatly, a lot of the rollingstock was sold to industrial railways, that still had them running up until the 1960’s. It’s because of this that ÖSlJ has managed to build it’s historical vehicle collection. 
The main goal for the railway society ÖSlJ is to show a live narrow guage railway as it could operate during the first half of the 19th Century. We have therefore, both a cultural and historic goal – to show the public that railways of this small size could actually work as an important commen carrier for the local areas they served in. 
Our economi is completely dependent upon our visiters/travelers, as the railway’s cost’s have to be supported by tickets and sales.
The work on the railway is made voluntary by the society members, without any economical compensation.
Of the societies roughly 1000 members, there are about a 100 of them active in the practical operation of our live railway.

The railway ÖSlJ is by law, completely compatible to all other railway’s. The society is therefore under the watchful eye of the “Transportstyrelse” who accept our regulations, internal norms and educational schedules for our staff.

A small piece of ÖSlJ History.

Become a member
As a member of our society you are intitled to free trips in 3rd Class and you will receive our societies newsletter “ÖSlJ-nytt” 4 times per year (observe: the newsletter is written in Swedish).

Membership fees

Single member 300:/year
+grown family member 150:-/year
+child family member
6-16 years of age
Company membership 3500:-/year
Life membership 3000:-

For family membership the following rules apply: One member pays the full price, every family member after that, pays a smaller price (marked with a + in the list above)

”Östra Södermanlands Järnväg” started in 1959 with shy resources on a railway in connection to Lina brickworks just outside of Södertälje.  

ÖSlJ managed to receive the line between Mariefred and Läggesta , when SJ closed down it’s traffic.

600-mm track is laid down to the steamboat quay and therefore a stable traffic cooperation is established with local steamboat  “s/s Mariefred”.

The line extension is established to ”Läggesta Södra” giving ÖSlJ its own station in Läggesta, all though there never was built a large station house there, besides a small shedlike building. 

In May the rail line between Läggesta and Taxinge-Näsby is opened by His royal highness, the King of Sweden .  Therefore we managed to complete our 11,2 km line: Mariefreds Ångbåtsstation- Mariefred - Läggesta Nedre – Taxinge Näsby. 

Allways something going on or planned within ÖSlJ
Here we have only mentioned some major events in our history. A continous renovation of vehicles (we have even been able to find old wagons during the 21st Century). The vehicles, tracks and buildings undergo continous service. Work is done with trafficplanning, economy, marketing and showcasing. In our Café we sell refreshments and railway related items.