How to find us - Maps and road descriptions

Our main station is located in Mariefred where you will find our engineshed, workshop and carriageshed.
If your coming by train, get off at Läggesta main station. If you arrive from Stockholm follow the plattform in the oppisit direction of the train (sign posts are available marked "Musiejärväg") and then down the pathway about 300 meters to our station Läggesta Nedre. If you arrive from Eskilstuna or Strängnäs follow the plattform in the same direction as the train.

Mariefreds station

WGS84: N 59° 15.5216', E 17° 12.9128'
Decimal: 59.2587, 17.2152

By car to Mariefred:
From Stockholm - Eskilstuna

Drive along road E20. Take the exit towards Mariefred and follow the signpost towards Mariefred. Just after the 50 km/h signpost in Mariefred you will find local (white) signposts pointing you in to the right towards the Railway and then you will be able to see the stationhouse to your right, just across the road from the Circle K- petrolstation. 
The stations street adress is Storgatan 25 , Mariefred.

A smaller parking area is located next to the stationhouse. If you continue on towards the harbour you will find more parking spaces along the docks. The most spaces you will find if you turn in towards Gripsholm castle. From this  parking area you will find a pathway leading towards the station.

Läggesta Nedre station (ÖSlJ)

WGS84: N 59° 14.9055', E 17° 10.0424'
Decimal: 59.2484, 17.1674

By car to Läggesta Nedre:
From Stockholm:

Drive towards Gothenburg on road E20 . Take the road towards Mariefred and follow the sign posts towards Hedlandet.

From Eskilstuna:
Follow road E20 towards Stockholm. Take the road towards Mariefred and follow the signpost to Hedlandet. After about a 100 meters you will see the sign "Museijärnväg" to your left and after about a 100 meters you will find our parking.

Taxinge-Näsby station

WGS84: N 59° 14.4639', E 17° 17.9905'
Decimal: 59.2411, 17.2998

By car to Taxinge:
From Stockholm:

Take the road E20 towards Gothenburg. Att the exit towards Nykvarn you follow the signposts to Taxinge Slott. After about 6 km you turn left by the sign "Museijärnväg".

From Eskilstuna:
Take the road E20 towards Stockholm. Att the exit towards Mariefred you follow the signes towards hedlandet to start with, then you follow the signs towards Södertälje for about 8 km and finally you take the road off towards Taxinge Slott. After another 4 km or so you turn off to your left by the signpost "Museijärnväg".

Overview of ÖSlJ railway lines