Östra Södermanlands Järnväg (ÖSlJ)

Collects, restores and exhibits trains in a historical setting.

In Mariefred you can ride 100-year old trains running on tracks of only 600 mm gauge. Compare this with standard gauge, which is almost 1.5 m! ÖSLJ is a moving museum, a museum railway. It is staffed by the active members of our preservation society, with just one purpose in mind - to make cultural and technological history come alive.
In 1959, enthusiasts from the Swedish Railway Club began to run occasional trains on a brickworks line at Lina, some 30 km south-west of Stockholm. The general public was also welcomed there. Since 1966, ÖSLJ is located in Mariefred; here we now have operated the line to Läggesta for more than fifty years. In 2011, the line was extended to Taxinge, giving us a total of 11.5 km railway. In spite of the line originally being standard gauge, it illustrates well how a common carrier narrow gauge railway wound its way through the terrain. 
Engines, wagons and carriages were collected, often in a derelict state, from indust-rial railways where they were used after our seven passenger-carrying lines had closed. Thanks to decades of voluntary labour, this rolling stock is back in traffic again. Today, our collection well represents the rolling stock of these seven lines. We also own some engines and wagon stock from ex-industrial and forestry lines.