Engines running on ÖSlJ

Engine No.1 “LOTTA”

Built in 1913 by Orenstein & Koppel as an industrial engine. Owned by Statens Jernvägsbyggnader 1914-1928 and Kolsva feldspar mine 1928-1959
To ÖSlJ in 1959.

Engine No.2 ”VIRÅ”

Built in 1901 by Motala Verkstad as a passenger/ freight engine.
Owned by Stafsjö Järnväg 1901-1919, Björkåsens mines in Norway 1919-1965.
To ÖSlJ in 1965.


Built in 1891 by Munktell as a passenger/ freight engine,
Owned by ”Kosta Lessebo Järnväg” 1891-1948, ”Munkedals Järnväg” 1948-1955, Swedens National Railwaymuseum 1955-present day.
On loan to ÖSlJ since 2003.

Engine No.3 ”DYLTA”

Built in 1916 by Orenstein & Koppel as a industrial engine.
Owned by chalkworks in the city of Sala and in the county of Jämtland 1916-1946, Dylta works in the county of Närke 1946-1960.
To ÖSlJ in 1960.

Engine No.4 ”K M Nelsson”

Built in 1914 by Motala verkstad as a passenger/ freight engine .
Owned by NAEJ (Nättraby-Alnaryd-Elmeboda Järnväg) 1914-1946 and Aspa bruk 1946-1967.
To ÖSlJ in 1967.

Engine No.5 ”HAMRA”

Built in 1902 by Orenstein & Koppel as a industrial engine.
Owned by Separator AB in Tumba 1902-1947 and Ars chalk mine on the island of Gotland 1947-1961.
To ÖSLJ in 1961.

Engine No.6 ”Christina Hjelm”

Built in 1923 by Hanomag a passenger/ freight engine. Owned by the Polish state railway’s 1923-1977.
To ÖSlJ in 1977. 

The engine was sold to Frankfurter Feldbahnmuseum in 2019, click here for more information (swedish only).

Engine No.7 ”HELGENÄS”

Built in 1889 by Hudswell, Clarke & Co as a industrial engine.
Owned by Eds factory, Västervik 1889-1965.
To ÖSlJ in 1965.

Engine No.8 ”EMSFORS”

Built by Hartmann an unknown year (possibly 1919, but still uncertain) as a industrial engine.
Owned by Emsfors bruk 1920-1969.
To ÖSlJ in 1969.

Engine No.9 ”NIAN”

Built in 1915 by Motala Verkstad a passenger/ freight engine. 
Owned by JGJ (Jönköping Gripenbergs Järnväg) 1915-1935, Aspa bruk 1935-1963 and Skärstads local association 1963-present day.
On loan to ÖSlJ since 2005.

 Engine No.10 ”AVESTA”

Built in 1923 by Orenstein & Koppel.
Owned by Domänverkets logging lines in Avesta 1923-1945 and Avesta steelworks 1945-1986.
To ÖSlJ in 1986.