Slott och ånga (The short roundtrip)

Mariefred - Taxinge Näsby - Läggesta Nedre - Mariefred

Slott och ånga (The short roundtrip) is a wonderful one day outing between Mariefred and Taxinge. In one direction you start off by taking the steam train, in the other direction you start off by taking the steamboat S/S Mariefred. In Taxinge you may visit Taxinge castle. There you will find a great assortment of pastries and sandwiches, artwork for sale, a beautiful park in connection to the castle, and a small beach close to the steamboat jetty. You also have the option of disembarking the train at Hedlandet and go shopping at the local discount store, located approximately 50 meters from the station.

Dates for this roundtrip will be presented when the schedule for ss Mariefred has been desided.

For information surrounding Slott och Ånga - links:
Discount store Hedlandet
Taxinge castle
Steam boat S/S Mariefred

Mariefredsrundturen (Mariefreds roundtrip)

Stockholm - Mariefred- Läggesta - Stockholm or reversed

Mariefredsrundturen ("The Mariefred roundtrip") goes between Stockholm and Mariefred. You travel with the steamboat S/S Mariefred, ride our steam train, and finally take the state railway (SJ) back to Stockholm, or reversed. There is plenty of time in Mariefred to do some sightseeing, e.g. Gripsholm castle and the lovely, picturesque village center. If you start off your trip by boat you will be able to enjoy a long and pleasant boat ride and have at least 2 hours in Mariefred to visit the town and its sights. If you start off your trip by train, you will arrive at about lunchtime and have at least 4 hours in Mariefred. The boat offers a restaurant service (tables are preferably booked beforehand) and some light refreshments during the trip.

This round trip has been cancelled for 2021.